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24Translate has a global network of translation professionals chosen for their language fluency, expertise in industry sectors and knowledge of the local culture. You can be completely confident that the translation you receive is not only technically accurate but also closely attuned to your requirements. We have built a global network of highly skilled, graduate translators.
All are native speakers in the language into which they translate and they also have industry specific technical skills. Each translator is selected for their qualifications, specialist expertise and experience and is continually reassessed. All are committed to maintaining our company strong reputation for fast response, timely delivery and great quality first time every time.


Type of interpreting
- Simultaneous Interpreting Services
The interpreter listens to the person talking via headphones and translates his/her speech immediately into the target language without a time lag. This ensures the audience gets to hear the speaker's speech in their language. This is used for speakers addressing large audiences. ?
- Consecutive Interpreting Services
The interpreter takes notes while the speaker gives the speech and later repeats the translated text after the speaker completes his speech. This is used for speeches at receptions and banquets. ?
- Individual Interpreting Services
The interpreter usually sitting along with his client simultaneously translates, whatever the speaker says in a low voice. This is appropriate for gatherings of fewer listeners especially when high-level dignitaries are speaking and immediate understanding and responses are required. ?


Proofreading is not an inborn ability; it is an acquired skill that requires focused concentration. At 24Translate, we provide high quality proofreading to ensure that translated documents deliver the right message to our clients target audience. A quick response and professional service We provide this service globally in any language Only highly qualified native proofreaders are employed to meet your client' needs All proofreading are checked by an independent party


Whether you require transcription of a speech or interview, from a video or audio source, our transcribers will decipher the content. Should this interview be in a foreign language and you require it translated, and then once it has been transcribed the document will then be translated by one of our experienced native language translators. We produce transcripts, reports and summaries from recorded or live events, including conference calls, conferences, management meetings, training sessions, financial presentations, focus groups and press conferences. Recorded sources can include: Video, Cassette, Micro cassette / mini cassette Minidisc, DSS, MP3, CD, DVD, MS Media Player & Real Player.


An audiovisual translation technique in which, unlike in dubbing, actor voices are recorded over the original audio track which can be heard in the background.


are textual versions of the dialog or commentary in films, television programs, video games, and the like, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Website localization

A localized website is vital to the success of an international company. Because we recognize the importance of marketing your products and services over the web, we have put together an international group of experts - web designers, engineers and language specialists, including translators and copywriters. 24Translate provides the integral link between your company and the international audience you want to reach. Using the latest software tools and our own proprietary web-development applications, we deliver creative, customized web-design solutions in a multitude of languages and dialects.

Software localization

At 24Translate, we understand the importance of choosing the right localization partner for your international software-product launch. Our Team provides the perfect combination of experience, expertise and software tools to ensure that your localization effort is time-efficient and cost-effective. We customize our software-localization approach to fit your budget and scheduling requirements. Our international production facilities, technical translation teams, fully-staffed engineering department as well as R&D department all work together to provide a single-source solution for your localization needs.

Desktop Publishing / Typesetting

We offer a typesetting service for any of your documents in your desired file format. Our visual artists can produce files in foreign languages in the following graphic design software ?
- QuarkXPress
- PageMaker
- Photoshop
- InDesign
- FreeHand
- Illustrator
- Dreamweaver
- Fireworks
- Flash
- Microsoft Office
- Adobe Acrobat
- CorelDRAW

What makes 24Translate a quality service

Team Work
Our translators and proofreaders work in teams to guarantee the quality of your texts.

Previous Consultation
We consult you about nuances of style and terminology to know your exact needs.

Proofreading before Delivery
The final texts you receive are perfectly prepared and proofread for your use.

Your translations
You have direct access to all your translations and proofread documents in your personal area.